Heritage Beer Cafe – The Rocks

So I had mussels today. Mushroom $30 a bucket. And some raspberry beer. It was good. 1st time round it was over cooked, but the waiter was kind enough to take it back and had a fresh one made. The overall experience is pretty good I’d say!



Update: 29th November 2013

Picked up a pub life card and I recommend that if you plan to visit this a lot, get one! This is free to sign up, and it gives you 5% off thur-sun and 10% off mon-wed. (Please check to make sure the info is right).


Back again! This time, with more people! The 1st dish was the pork belly bites. I was at the counter getting my card done when it arrived. When I got back, there was no picture and not enough left for a picture. So, I have to say, it’s good! I recommend it, and please send me a pic if anyone manages to snap one!


Next up, waffle chips. I saw this on the table next to us and we had to have it! Waffle chips are probably the best type of chips. It has all the right crunch and curves. So good! It’s like crunchy wedges, but better. Served with sour cream and sweet chili.



For our mains, my friend ordered the veal loin cutlet. Honestly, it’s not that great. The meat is crunched up okay, but maybe, we are not used to the taste of veal perhaps? Mash was good though.



The eye fillet is tender, I didn’t get to try it. It looked good though.


Buckets of mussels! The 2 flavours we picked out were Thai and Traditional. I think the best way to eat this is to grab a basket of bread and sop up all the soup/gravy at the bottom of the pot.  Or drink it up with a spoon, whatever floats your boat. Still good either way!



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