Milk Bar by Cafe Ish – Redfern

So I was at Milk Bar, Cafe Ish today. They are famous for their fusion/Japanese inspired dishes. Food like “miso salted caramel milkshake” and throwing in soft shell crab into a lot of their dishes, omelette, eggs Benedict…

The chicken wings are amazing, had it with the crab sauce, sweet and tangy. And the burgers are done well too! Soft shell crabs are fried perfectly.

Some of the food (like the soft shell crab) was a bit too heavy for a breakfast/brunch item, but if you head over later in the day, it would have made a fantastic meal.

I would skip the milkshake, as they are quite sweet, when the waitress saw that I didn’t touch my milkshake, she offered to remake it with more milk, that’s definitely a plus in my books. Food ranges from $5 for a basic burger, side of fries $4, and okonomiyaki was $15.50 and wings was $13. I would say $15-$20 a person.



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