Chantilly Cupcakes – Westfield Sydney, Myers Food Court, Pitt st.

So I’ve decided to give this cupcake shop a try. I say “shop” as they are not a bakery. What they do is to source around Sydney for the bestest-freshest-most.amazingness cupcakes. And they haven’t failed me so far. They carry cupcakes from “My Little Cupcake” and “Mrs C’s Cupcakes” as well as macarons.

Adorable shop.



Update: 3rd December
Decided to spoil myself with some cupcakes. Also, they occasionally do specials with day old cupcakes. $2.50 each! Bought 2. Pink velvet and strawberry milkshake. Strawberry milkshake is a rich pound cake with smooth buttercream. I love buttercream. The creamed butter is smooth and not too sweet. I love butter!!


Next is the pink velvet. Sugary sugary frosting. Crisp shell with soft insides. You can feel the grains when you bite into the frosting.


Cut through the pretty pink frosting for more pink cupcake goodness.


This orange one (known as French Vanilla) is from My Little Cupcake. I will recognize their cupcakes anywhere. It’s my cousin’s fav too. We would hunt down this stand every year at the Easter show, Manly/North Sydney is not very accessible to us on weekdays. At least there’s Chantilly now! I love these cupcakes. The eggy cake reminds me of the steam egg cakes we had growing up.


Update: 20 December 2013
A lovely friend of the company bought us a dozen cupcakes for Christmas! Fantastic! Awesome man!


There’s all the lovely cupcakes from My Little Cupcake and Mrs C


Beautiful cupcakes