Malacca Strait – Broadway

A restaurant at the city serving Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine. It is not really visible from the road, but look out for little signs placed around the area, follow it to its location which is under a whole lot of apartments. This place came highly recommended from a friend, so I had to go right? It is good.

Today I’ve tried the marmite chicken, hainanese chicken rice, radish cake and chendol. Very good chicken and fragrant chicken rice. Ask for thick dark soy sauce to go with the chicken rice. Mix that little dish of black with the chicken rice chili provided, just the way the Singaporeans love it. Hainanese chicken rice is a dish that Singaporeans miss the most when leaving the country. It is a tough dish to replicate. Even with the same ingredients, it might not be the same. So far, I really like this one, and would love to go back again.

A good point to note that this place is Halal.

20130713-070540.jpg Here’s the menu 20130713-070623.jpg 20130713-070631.jpg


Looking forward to the chicken rice again.

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