7 more days to go!

Just dreaming of the day I fly off! Right now, I’m 6 days 23hrs XXmins more to go! I’ve been packing away non-stop, getting all my other stuff organized as well. (Immigration DONE!)

Technically, 7 more sleeps to go. 20130715-221437.jpg

I’ve stashed some clothes into vacuum seal bags. $2.80 each from daiso!! Gotta love Daiso. $2.80 each item for everything! They have origami paper, disposable tea bags, stationery, household items (cups, saucers, plates, bowls, boxes), etc.. Almost anything you can think of!

Just going to leave it there for now, I’m sure if I have it all vacuumed up now, it might wrinkle my clothes too much.


Pity I can’t vacuum up this bear. Unethical much?