Shancheng hotpot king – Sydney

A perfect meal for a cold day! Chinese hotpot… This is one of my go-to places in winter, when I am deciding where I should go. It is a really fun place to go in huge groups.


The menu is one of those iPad touch screens. It’s in English and Chinese, you start by picking either a full spicy or a plain soup base, or one that is split down the middle – one of each. Spicy ranges from mild medium spicy, along with the numbness level. Very mild spicy is considerably spicy. Take that into consideration when ordering. Of course, if it ends up being way too hot to handle, you can request for a refill of regular chicken soup, have that mixed into the spicy side of the pot to lower the heat.

After picking the soup base, move on to the meat and vegetables. I would usually go for sliced beef, lotus roots, fish balls filled with roe, starch noodles, tofu puffs.

Pork belly is really good, cook it for a much longer time in the pot for it to absorb the flavours from the other vegetables and soup, and it will get tender and delicious.


Sesame dipping sauce goes really well with most dishes, mix in with the regular clear soup and it tastes pretty good!

Try the pigs ears and duck wings.


This is one of my favorite snacks. Fried glutinous rice pieces drizzled with brown sugar syrup. If you like mochi, you will love this. Almost like a fried version of mitarashi dango (Which is another favorite snack of mine)

Approximately $25-$35 a person (for larger groups).

For groups of 2 people, expect to spend between $35-$50 (with left overs).

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