Good Luck Chinese Restaurant (Lao Zhao) – Enfield

So I was totally craving Peking roast duck all week, and made reservations for Good Luck Chinese Restaurant. Still my favorite Peking roast duck place. You have to call ahead and book a time you want to arrive, and a time you want your duck to be served. Duck is $65 with 1 serve of pancake wrappers, sweet sauce, cucumber and spring onions.

Go for the spring onion pancakes or the dumplings too. Good stuff!


For the remaining bones of the duck, you can ask for it to be prepared into soup.

In cold weather, give the mutton hotpot. Nice and warm.

Overall, this place has really good quality Peking roast duck, and the pancake wrappers are awesome. You can have a plate of the duck bones with the remaining meat carved up and served on a plate, take the bones home for more soup, or have soup made to drink at the end of the meal.

Service isn’t all that great honestly, it helps if you speak mandarin as all the staff there speak mandarin as a 1st language. I am fluent, but it seems like they still tend to be a little rude to you if you can’t quite figure out what the proper words for certain food items are. JUST REMEMBER TO ORDER THE DUCK AHEAD OF TIME!!!

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