Kuma’s Too – Chicago

So, another meal in Chicago! We decided that burgers for dinner would be fun, also, dinner was at 10pm.

Headed to Kuma’s Too. That’s the name of the restaurant. The original is somewhere else’s and wait times can range from 3hrs to 5hrs. This is much bigger, we waited 20mins for a table. Yup, even when we only got there at 9.30pm, we had to wait 20mins, and as usual, I brought the crowds along with me. A huge line formed after we were seated.


The beer menu is pretty decent, featuring quite a few craft beers. I had the agave wheat, which had a good mild sweet wheat finish to it, which I found easy to drink.


Burgers are named after rock bands, just pick what you like! Quite enjoyed the fried pickles. Australia doesn’t really have fried pickles as a menu staple unlike USA. I like it even though I’m not a pickle fan.


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