Gyu-kaku, Japanese BBQ – Hawaii

Had dinner at a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant. Quite enjoyed it! I particularly love ox tongue. Everyone should try ox tongue at least once, either at a Korean BBQ or Japanese BBQ restaurant. Good decent variety of meats and vegetables. This is quite unlike the usual Korean BBQ I usually have. I suppose I shouldn’t be comparing yakiniku with korean bbq. 2 different things.


This restaurant was recommended by a lady I met on a plane. And it is good!



By checking into their facebook page, we each got a bowl of free edamame. What is there not to like about these delicious pods that pop into your mouth with a satisfying squeeze? I can eat a bag of these. From the freezer and onto the plate it goes! The other dishes such as chicken nuggets and gyoza are pretty run of the mill variety, but I do enjoy the sweet potato fries, though they kinda remind me of the mccain ones we get from the frozen section. At l




The vegetables and meats are a lot better. After we are done grilling them up, they tasted great! And it is always fun to do it in a large crowd, and someone else has to do the cooking.20130809-101333.jpg

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