Billy’s Dumplings – Surry Hills

A new restaurant popped up in Surry Hills.


Of course I had to try it. Love dumplings! Favorite: pork and chives.

So I tried a few different fillings. All steamed. 1) pork and chives 2) chicken with bamboo and pine nuts 3) pork with dill


When your dumplings are served up, you can simply pour vinegar over the dumplings and enjoy.


These are authentic northern China (Beijing) dumplings, the skin is thin but does not break easily. The meat is tender and juicy.

I have never been a fan of bamboo, but these dumplings were done really well. The bamboo is well cooked and the pine nuts takes centre stage.

Haven’t had a chance to try the other dishes. But looking around, the portions are generous. Would love to give the pork belly a try.


Very conveniently located, I will definitely be back soon!


Takeaway available, and they do seasonal specials too.

Edited: 1 Oct 2013
So, I’ve got my hands on the slow cooked pork belly and a pan fried pork and chives dumplings. Mmmm, love the potatoes and sauce!! Huge portion!! Should be shared, with a steaming bowl of rice each.



Edit: 7 November 2013
New seasonal menu!


I had the large soup dumplings 汤包 (tang bao) which is a southern Chinese way of saying “Xiao long Bao”. Had my Shanghai friend with me, and she commented that this is really authentic.


Had one of their regular menu items, cold noodles with chicken fillet served with peanut sauce. It’s a cold dish, huge serving size, more than enough for 2. The noodles to sauce ratio is perfect, not too little, coats the noodles quite evenly. You toss it up like a salad and enjoy!


Took a shot at the wonton soup, also a huge portion. The chicken pieces in the soup is prepared in the “drunken chicken” style, and it’s tender and delicious. Soup was a tad salty, but the staff was quite happy to add more clear soup stock into it and made it better.


Tried their dessert! Fried glutinous rice ball with red bean paste, with a coconut coating. I think there’s probably coconut milk mixed into the red bean paste, either way, it’s a well done glutinous rice ball, and I really like glutinous rice cakes.


Edit: 13 November 2013
Got some takeaway to check on the food quality on how it holds up. It actually is pretty good!



Edit: 21st November 2013
Tried another dessert today, vanilla ice cream with mango topping, with a side of osmanthus and water chestnut jelly. The jelly is made in-house and I have to say, I like it! it is not too over powering, not too sweet, simply delicious. Good firm jelly texture, and the water chestnut gives it a great crunch. Ice cream goes really well. The dumplings are pandan flavoured, and I guess it does go with the ice cream and mango (South-east Asian flavours), but I like the jelly best!

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