Kokoroya – Maroubra

A Japanese restaurant located in the Eastern Suburbs, on Anzac Pde.

They do lunch sets, which is what we got. So with set A, you get miso soup and Agadashi tofu.


Karage chicken don


Chirashi set


Anmitsu. I have a thing for anmitsu. It has little mochi balls, and I love mochi. Cut the ball up with a spoon and pour brown sugar syrup into it. Yummy.


My winter favorite is the fisherman’s udon hot pot. The lunch sets are really good value for money. Chicken karage set was $11.50 and chirashi was $13.50. The food isn’t too bad either.

Update: 3rd December 2013

Had dinner here again! Cousin’s birthday. The 2 of us were trying to decide between Japanese and Italian. Japanese won, also because she’s never tried Kokoroya before.

First up was a giant bowl of Agadashi tofu. We love our Agadashi tofus. It’s the 1st thing we ordered. It said “large” and we were quite worried about the size. Turned out it was a large bowl with 4 squares of tofu. It’s not small, but we ate it with ease.


Next up is our mains. A small chirashi and a mini udon. Small chirashi is decent sized bowl actually, it’s good as part of a meal, instead of a bowl of steamed rice.


Mini udon is small, but for me it’s the perfect size for the rest of the items we ordered.


We ordered the dynamite rolls. It is supposed to be a cucumber roll topped with scallops and spicy mayo and other bits. We both strongly dislike our cucumbers and when we were told it can be replaced with avocado, we said NO! too. So we got them, and thought “maybe it’s just plain rice rolls” which is fine! But it came with tuna mayo! Big yum for me, gone in an instant. It is nice when restaurants make exceptions but not toss quality out of the window. So this is good.


Do you like chawanmushi? You do? Me too! This is “exotic” according to the menu. Was expecting sea-urchin, but it is simply prawns, fish, fish cake, mussels and a spoonful of roe on top. The custard is smooth and seasoned well. Not too salty and tastes good!


This a dish I quite enjoyed. Seasoned salmon. I do wish it was slightly undercooked than cooked through, but it was really quite nice! Loved the little crunchy roe bits on top of the seared slices of salmon.


Kokoroya Maroubra is such a gem in our little neighborhood, food is excellent, very pretty plating, slightly expensive but worth it. Best to make a booking ahead of time!

Update: 13 March 2014
Went out for dinner, got a few dishes.
Started with the agadashi tofu. It was good, as usual.


We ordered some tempura zucchini as well. Crunchy and perfect. I’m not fond of zucchini, but this, this is good. It was battered and fried perfectly.


Some soft shell crab, I love the juiciness, crunchiness, I just really like it. Perfect accompanying sauce. Nailed it.


Dynamite mussels. That’s what it’s called. They are dynamite indeed.


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