678 Sydney (Korean BBQ) – Haymarket

I would like to start off by saying, this restaurant is opened by a famous Korean comedian and former champion in traditional Korean wrestling. Why is it called 678 I really haven’t got a clue, but if you have a hankering for awesome chunks of BBQ meat, you have to at least consider this place. The menu is really focused on BBQ meats, the selection for other menu items are really small. Reservations are for groups of 8 and up only. For smaller groups, just walk in, and wait in line. You will be able to find the lighted sign on Goulburn St, enter from there and take the lift up to the 1st floor.

1/ 396 Pitt St
Sydney New South Wales 2000

(02) 9267 7334

To start of, the menu selection for anything besides BBQ meat isn’t large, but the BBQ meat is really good. They have a huge meat display (fridge? Cabinet? Glass case?) either way, I’m impressed at the freshness of the meat and the quality is good.20131015-203425.jpg

The staff are all really attentive and friendly, always a plus in my books. There seem to be only 1 (manager?) that speaks English as a 1st language, but it doesn’t stop the rest from trying, which made the eating experience quite enjoyably. The service is really amazing.



It is nice that an apron is provided along with a little instruction sheet on how to enjoy Korean BBQ. Every detail is taken into consideration and nothing is spared. Like square grill is for beef and lines are for pork. We had no idea! But the staff was patient enough to change our grill each time we put a different type of meat on, finally he explained it to us by showing us the 2 types of grills.

Perhaps being a Tuesday, all the waiters and waitresses are really attentive, and our grill mesh was swapped out between each platter of meat we grilled. We had a lot of help cooking the meats as well, someone is always watching the fire for us, and when the meat is cooked, someone would be right there cutting it up and arranging it on the side of the grill for us.



1st up, the side dishes. Kimchi, sweet stewed potatoes, picked radish strips, cold picked vegetables, steamed egg custard, huge platter of fresh greens. Kimchi = yum!

I think the steamed egg in a stone bowl is quite a nice plus to the meal! Not sure if that’s refillable, I’m guessing it is probably not, as when we received the bill it says “Egg Custard $0.00” maybe if you wanted some more, they would probably be additional. It comes out all bubbling and hot, it is delicious!


Meats!! Meat meat meat!!! Wagyu, ox tongue, pork belly, marinated pork ribs and beef ribs…. Mmmmm…. The marinated meats are seasoned really well.



We ordered a beef brisket soup, but it is not on the menu that the soup base is a seafood base. I’m personally allergic to crabs, took a sip and was like opps, then noticed a giant crab leg sticking out from the middle. On to the next girl who’s allergic to clams, found some in the bottom of the bowl. Last girl fished for some beef, took a sip of the soup and decided against continuously drinking the soup as she had a sudden realization there might be prawns (we sent it back, but was told it is a standard soup base) but the staff was nice enough to take it off the bill when they saw that we didn’t really drink up. But hey, it’s a fantastic soup dish. Worth taking antihistamine for. I did leave a feedback that they should state that soup base contains seafood.


Will I return? Yes I will! Good meat… Good good meat… The meal totaled at $99 (without the soup) for the 3 of us.

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