Yebisu Izakaya – Sydney

Dinner with the girls tonight. Decided on a place with snack food, chazuke and onigiri. I would go anywhere with mochi. Love mochi (glutinous rice cakes)


This is another location with iPad menus. But we also had the option of looking at paper menu then (via the numbers corresponding the images) ordering it off the iPad. iPad is located on the side of the table, neck strain… Here’s a sampling of the drinks menu.


Cocktail and beer



Most of the portions are small (1 serve), like 1 onigiri, 2 glutinous rice cakes, 2 yakitori skewers… Bigger portions are like chazuke or Agadashi tofu which is good for sharing. Lots of finger foods. This place is just lovely for drinks and snacks Not overly impressed by food quality, it’s edible, not like it’s fantastic. Lotus chips are good for sharing with drinks. Not the best I’ve had though.

Personally, don’t go for the assorted yakitori. Pick the ones you like. The assortment of meat isn’t really the stuff I would have ordered if I made a choice. There was no beef in the assortment, only chicken skin, soft bones, chicken meatballs, a wing, mixed vegetables. We had to ordered the beef separately, I found the wagyu a little charred.



I like the rice dishes, onigiri, rice cakes… They are on the “ever so slightly burnt” side as well, but it works. The miso that’s served with the dishes are good, quite decent. The red bean soup is a little on the sweet side, so take it slow.


Overall, the place is just normal, it is fun, many fun places in Sydney. If you want to just chill with some friends, it’s good. Averaged $40 per person this round.

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