Charlie & Co Burgers – Westfield Sydney

Lunch time at the office is usually a “take away and eat at the desk” kind of affair. So today, I suggested that we should grab some burgers and truffle fries. Honestly the food choices in the city gets boring after awhile.


Pick up a newspaper textured menu and order something! Co-worker’s criteria for a burger was “a normal beef burger preferably with mayo”. I guess aioli will work, so I ordered a classic for her and myself. With truffle fries. Every burger you buy, you can get a stamp and 10 stamps gets you either free fries or a drink.

20131106-223512.jpgI do enjoy staring at people working on my food, and guessing which order they are up to, and if my order is up next.


20131106-223636.jpgfinally! Back in the office and finally got to cut my burger in 1/2 and start working into it. I like burgers made with brioche. This burger is a nice fluffy brioche. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet, just a nice soft buttery brioche. The beef patty isn’t all that bad, but I can’t say it’s amazing. It is a burger I suppose. It is nice, thick and juicy, but could do with a tad more seasoning, or a smear more aioli and tomato.
I quite enjoy the truffle fries. Could smell the truffle oil as I carried the bag back to the office. It’s not too salty, which is a plus, fries are fried up nicely and goes well with the aioli dip.

20131106-224348.jpg the overall experience? Well, co-workers enjoyed it. I’m happy when they are happy. Perhaps I’m just a little too picky when it comes to beef. The bf says I’m spoilt from all the Nebraska steak his family fed me with. American mid-west breed good cows. I mean, I like the burger at Charlie & Co. Will eat there again, but will probably order it with bacon for the extra kick.
If anything, just grab the truffle fries from there and head over to Haute Dogs for their truffle aioli dip.

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