Monday morning office fun

So, as most of you know, I made marshmallows over the weekend! As you know, marshmallows are best toasted. Since there’s no toaster at the office, or blow torch, or brûlée torch, I had to improvise.

So this is my set up. I got a few long candles left over from the last birthday, long candles. They are thin, so I had to use 3 candles to make a bigger flame. 20131118-193841.jpg

Stick a marshmallow on a chopstick, and start caramelizing the marshmallow! Watch the flame, listen to the crackling and do not hold it too low or it will just coat the marshmallow with a coat of ash instead of toasting it.

This is my 1st failed attempt.


With a bit more careful listening, and practice, it turned out pretty okay!



All done!!



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