Grill’d – Parramatta

Lunch at Grill’d Parramatta! Fun times fun times. Company was great, food is good. Let me see. Take a look at the menu?




I went with the standard beef burger. Fries, and herb aioli. So good fries! Good good fries. And the sauce was good too. Nice crusty bun, good relish. The minced beef patty is seasoned decently, none of the watered down beef taste, which is good! Enjoyed it very much.


Friend ordered the vege burger. It is interesting patty. Didn’t try it, it’s green! But looks quite pretty. Friend liked it. Didn’t have anything to complain about it, ate it rather quickly.


Another friend ordered the lamb burger. He orders it rather often, so I’m guessing it is a good burger. Looks good!


This Grill’d is like any other Grill’d Healthy Burger Chain restaurant. It is always nice to go to somewhere with a familiar taste that is pretty standard, at least with each of the Grill’d I’ve ever been to so far. It is quite enjoyable. I think I like the Parramatta Crown St’s branch the best. It has a nice and bright outdoor seating and it is simply lovely.

I’ve had Grill’d at other restaurants as well. Here is a link of my previous post.

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