Ippudo – Westfield Sydney

Grabbed some takeaway today.


Ippudo actually has a cheaper menu just for takeaway, which is a good option! It does have quite a decent soup base, better than some others, that are closed to my office.



We ordered the 1st one on the menu (no shallots!) the soup is delicious, and the noodles held together really well.


Next up that’s ordered is the 2nd on the menu. Didn’t get to try it, but I heard the noodles are still well.


Next up, we each got a pork bun. Smooth meat, smooth bun. Love it. I think I should be able to eat a few of these for lunch next time.


I have to say the take-away menu is pretty decent. It has all the regular menu items, at a good rate, and it holds up well. Great for a cold day!

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