The Meat & Wine Company – Darling Harbour

Do you notice how many birthdays there are in November? It’s because valentines day was 9 mths ago!

Bad jokes aside, I actually do have lots of friends who are born in November. Most of them are my really close friends too. November is all about birthdays. So off we go to Meat & Wine Co. This is right next to IMAX, good location! My suggestion is book ahead of time, we were there at 6.30 and there were people trying to get in, but couldn’t.


Our entree was the calamari. Nice and crisp and the calamari was properly cooked through, still tender, not rubbery. The dipping sauce that came with matches it really well! Wished there was more. The plate consisted of 5 strips, I suppose it is made to be a personal entree size and not something shared.


Next up was our mains. I ordered the fillet steak. I have to say, meat & wine co’s fillet steak is probably the only steak I’m happy to eat without too much complaints. The basting was done amazingly well. The meat is tender, cooked medium rare, tastes like what steak should taste like, without the tough bits. I asked for the pepper corn sauce, nice and creamy. Chips are fantastic. Love the chips at Meat & Wine. 200g looks small, but it’s just the perfect size for me!


Next up on the menu was the lamb shanks. Meat is soft and tender, portion was huge. Mash potato is delicious. Friend barely got through it, stating that the portion size was too huge and a little overwhelmingly rich after awhile. But it’s enjoyable.


On to the burger. Burger friend is a fast eater, she described the burger as “large and tall”. But it was gone rather quickly as well. She picked it up, and ate it up. Claimed it’s good meat, sauce was great and the burger is declared as; yummy. We shall take her word for it. Glad I got a picture.


Birthday girl had the ribs. Big juicy rack of ribs. She ordered the 1/2 rack, claimed it looked smaller than usual, but the portion size looks perfect for 1. She plowed through them at a steady rate, claiming the marinade and basting is done well. Chips were good too. She did request for extra BBQ sauce, but I didn’t see her using it for the ribs, so it had to be decent.


Right at the beginning, I told our waiter it’s my friend’s birthday! Poked and prodded behind the menu in her direction and the waiter gave me a wink n understood what I was saying. At the end of our meal, our plates were cleared up and in comes a hoard of waiters and waitresses singing the birthday song! The rest of the restaurant chimed along with hip hip hoorays and cheers. She got a little sparkler and a complimentary creme brûlée dessert. Such deliciousness in a small cup. I believe the custard had a hint of coconut milk in it, it’s really yum. (Brown sugar atop it wasn’t properly flamed, but it didn’t affect the rest of the well done dessert) good job Meat & Wine Co! Enjoyable meal indeed!


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