Ben & Jerry’s Couch Potato

Sneaked out late at night for a new ice cream flavor by Ben & Jerry’s! It’s not that new actually, just new in Aussie. It goes by the name “Late Night Snack” in the USA. I actually had it on my last trip and liked it! If you get a chance, you have to try chocolate covered potato chips! It’s actually good! And this has salted caramel. Wish there’s some kind of peanut butter, but there’s always Clusterfluff, check out the link!


Found this at 7-eleven. Try it try it. With all Ben & Jerry’s, it will be a hit sweeter than most ice creams, but I like the chunky flavor profile. Good to crunch on stuff. Crunchy crunchy chocolate coated potato chips. It is not really like a chip, more like a ball of rounded potato starch pieces, but you can still taste the potato and feel the crunch. The vanilla ice cream is delicious. You can taste the vanilla. I see bits of black, kinda like vanilla bean, not sure if it’s loose pieces of chocolate or beans, but probably beans. Caramel isn’t too salty.


Ice cream with good amount of fat will melt quickly and smoothly. This is what Ben & Jerry’s is. Good ice cream, full fat, good flavours and rich.

Do try it if you have the time and chance! I’m just imagining how Couch Potato and Clusterfluff would taste together. Get a hand-packed from a Scoop Shop, ask for it to be packed with one of each, right down the middle (not stacked bottom to top).

Maybe next time! For now, just going to enjoy Couch Potato straight out of the pint….


Enjoy with anime!

Next up, probably Scotchy Scotch Scotch with a side of The legend of Ron the Anchorman and Anchorman 2.