Cyren – Darling Harbour

So, more birthdays in November. This means more food and fine dining! Decided on a seafood place, I mean, who doesn’t like seafood? I’m allergic to them, doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

So here we are at Cyren! This used to be the location of Jordans, but it is now operated by Nick’s-seafood. It’s at a really wonderful location.



A reasonably long drinks menu. We didn’t order any alcohol. Trying to be good this year!



Take a look at their menu. It is of a reasonable length. Good variety of food. Ask what the specials for the day is. They will probably tell you anyway. Good restaurants always do.



We started with the garlic bread. It has a good texture to it. Wish there’s more garlic butter on it. Nevertheless, still good!



So this crab salad with avocado is the special for the day. Didn’t get to try it, but everyone was all “OMG this is so good, so good!” (Yes, I do miss crustaceans.)



Next up oysters! Glad I can still eat oysters. The natural oysters are served with seafood sauce and a red wine infused vinaigrette. I love how fresh it is. Sauce and dressing isn’t really needed, just a squeeze of lemon if you really have to. Not sure what the bread with creme freche is for, ate it anyway.



We also had the oysters mornay. Fresh oysters topped with cheese and baked. Delicious! It is really good, but I always prefer fresh raw oysters over cooked ones. Something this good shouldn’t be covered!



Time for our mains! Friend ordered the cold seafood plate entree. The waiter offered a “main size” option, double the price, double the items. She passed on it. “Need room for dessert!” You will see why later. She loved the dish. She said it’s really fresh and good. She ate everything, even the cucumber sauce holder.



Fish of the day! Barumandi grilled with a side of crunchy chips. Friend really enjoyed it. I had some of the chips. Yup, I like it!



2 servings of spaghetti vongole is up next! On the positive end, the pasta is done perfectly, al dente style, the clams were cooked well, and the dressing/sauce is not too sour, good mix, flavored well. On the down side, I had twice the amount of cracked pepper while my friend had none. We didn’t notice till I was 1/2 way through. I thought it looked a little darker than usual, but I had no problems enjoying it. My “cold plate” friend tried mine, said it was too peppery, but birthday boy and I were okay with it. I can’t remember what the waiter told us when we told him. Ate it anyway, it was good.



Time for dessert! “Death by chocolate”. All I have to say is Oh-My-God, I want more of this. Just the flowy chocolate teardrop. It is so good. Smooth, rich, delicious. You will forget the ice cream and brownie existed after trying it.


Cut it through the middle and watch the white chocolate centre flow. We all went “woah” when we looked at it.



Everything else pales in comparison. Haha. Next up, the chocolate lava cake. It’s delicious, chocolatey and warm. Delicious with ice cream. Ice cream is good too.



My raspberry soufflé is last up. Soft light and fluffy! It is delicious. You cut your spoon through it, pour a little of the sauce on. Then reach all the way to the bottom and spoon it all back up. The almond tullie is nice and crisp too.


I would go back for the fresh oysters and “death by chocolate”. Wouldn’t mind spaghetti vongole again either.

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