The Oak Barrel – Sydney CBD

Came across this place awhile back, when I was trying to hunt down bottles of “the hangman – pale ale” by The Rocks Brewery (aka: Harts Pub). Had to ask around and begged the staff at Harts, till there was someone who knew where to get some. So here I am!!


The Oak Barrel


And now, I’m there almost once a week, to pick out something new to try.

Yup, this signboard is familiar to me!


Enter here!


This place holds 400+ craft beers! Of course there’s wine and other alcohol. Whiskey being another one of their specialties.


wine, lots of wine


They carry beer from all over! This row of Red Ducks are waiting to be drunk! All these are limited release in small batches. I have to head back and pick more up before they are gone.


11 red ducks, sitting in a row


Some beer from Japan, cute owls!


craft beer from japan -owls anyone?


More beer!


American craft beers


more American beer


Australian beer

It is a rather large store, and even a back room for events. This place hosts wine and liquor appreciation classes, and members get a discount to attend. (And email notifications)
It is $25 for a lifetime membership, gives you 10% off everything you purchase in store. You will probably “make” the $25 back really quickly.


Get a Membership card today!

Address and opening hours by Google: