Albee’s Kitchen – Kingsford

Do you ever think of food from home but it just isn’t the same? It really is tough to get food that is “just like home”. Cause even at home, there are places we do enjoy more than others. We don’t have to lower our standards, just got to set up new standards. Think of it as something that is something different.

So here I am at Albee’s kitchen. Supposedly a place with good Malaysian food.



Okay, even with whatever I was saying before, this place isn’t too bad! The dishes we picked were mostly pretty yummy.


This place is recommended by my sisters and her friends. Also, I bumped into a couple of Malaysians at another restaurant who recommended Albee’s too.

I was told to try the Ba Ku Teh (pork ribs soup) the taste is a little too medicinal for me. It’s awesome when you dip You Tiao (dough fritters) into it. I found it bitter and medicinal, but my sister’s friend was saying how good he thought it was, maybe it’s a malaysian thing. Singapore’s dark soup based Ba Ku Teh is more pork soup, less herbal.


Next few dishes are much more familiar. Combination seafood “yuan yang”, a standard combination seafood noodles with gravy that is a mix of flat rice noodles and fine rice noodles. Sister really likes it. (I really hate this crustacean allergy I developed recently.)


Next up is the hotplate tofu with minced pork. This is pretty good. I like it! Something I can relate to. Though, I wonder why is there a piece of foil between my tofu and the hotplate. Just because it is easier to wash up after, doesn’t mean you should do that. I like my tofu on the plate, sizzling, splattering all over my clothes.


Last up is cereal/oatmeal fried chicken. This is probably my dish of the day! Crunchy crunchy cereal and chicken. Well seasoned and marinated chicken. Awesomeness! I have to try to have this again soon.


Drinks drinks. They have a good variety of drinks that are considered “local favorites”. Watermelon Juice, Cold Teh Tarik (pulled milk tea), 3 layered tea and chendol (coconut milk, jelly and palm sugar syrup).


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