Lebanon and Beyond – Randwick

20131127-202342.jpgAs the name suggests, this is a Lebanese restaurant. Filled with hummus and meat skewers, this place has some pretty awesome lamb skewers. And hommous, and babagannoush.

Menu consists of plates of dips and skewers and all the other food, but the 4 of us decided on going for sets! Ordered 2 sets off the menu, and waited for them to arrive. We ordered the mixed platter for 2 and the Lebanese picada.



When you are settled in, you are given a dish of pickles and peppers. Not brave enough to try, but my friend and his wife chowed down the entire dish.



The dips and bread arrived next. I like the chewy stretchy texture of the bread. Like this better than the store bought variety. You pull it apart, it’s thin and chewy, good texture! The dips are yummy. Not overwhelming at all. It’s not too salty or tangy. Wouldn’t mind a tub of this hommous in my fridge any day. (And bread).



Close up of bread. Big basket of refillable warm, chewy, delicious bread.



Hommous, babagannoush and tabbouli. Smooth and creamy, well seasoned dips and salad.



Next on the menu is our picada meat dish! All the most awesome meats on this plate, with a side of their garlic sauce. This is some good garlic sauce. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the smell or taste. Good stuff.



2nd stage for the platter for 2 is up! A huge serving of, for a lack of a better phrase, balls and fingers. These are vegetable dishes I would never have picked out on my own. But after trying the lady fingers and this pistachio crunchy ball of falafel, I have to say, I like it!



3rd stage of the platter for 2, all the meats, in a huge pile, and covered in sauce and salad. I went straight in for the chicken. It’s okay, but made awesome by garlic sauce.


Overall, it’s a good experience. These 2 sets served the 4 of us, with lots of left overs for the following day’s lunch/dinner. I like the lamb skewers best, over the chicken, meat balls and such. You don’t need any sauce to go with the awesomely seasoned lamb skewers. I wasn’t sure if I was eating it the “right way”, but I wrapped the pieces of lamb in bread, and put a smear of hommous in it. No one stopped me, and I didn’t make a mess, so I guess, I’m good with this method. Mmmmmmm. I want more of that.

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