Sparkle Cupcakery – Surry Hills

I’m sure many of you probably have heard of Sparkle Cupcakery and even tried this place out. It is supposed to be the most luxurious cupcake brand in Sydney.



Firstly, I would love to head back there again, take more photos of the place. I was there on a Saturday and it closes at 5pm. I drove, which is good, then I parked. Unfortunately, Sparkle is more towards the top of Foveaux, near Crown St. I parked at the bottom of the slope, at 4.40pm. Had to hike up really quickly from the bottom of the hill to the top.

When I finally got there, there really isn’t much left. But I did manage a 1/2 dozen large and 7 smalls. “Give me all of these” I said, pointing to the smalls. They were mostly the same. Christmas special. Rich chocolate with cherry.



Take a look at their regular menu.



In my box, I picked White Chocolate Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Red Velvet, Lemon Squeeze, Green Tea and Bubbles, Black Velvet.




When I was heading back to the car, I tried one of the mini Christmas Celebration of Chocolate and Cherry. Cake is moist and has a good flavor. The icing is a little too sweet for my liking. But I like the cake.

Headed over to my friend’s place for dinner. We went through about 3 cupcakes, and were too full after.

Salted Caramel – had a nice salted caramel centre, a nice rich cake that is moist. Frosting is too sweet.
Red Velvet – I love the hint of raspberry in it. Frosting is too sweet.
Black Velvet – this is a rich dark chocolate cake. I think I like this the best, the ganache is not overly sweet. And the whole feel is smooth and rich.



Do hope to be able to head back one day to taste the other cakes with teas.

My overall experience is that, it was better than the 1st time I’ve tried it (few years ago? It was dry) So this was much much better! The icing is still too sweet, my friends and I all found it way too sweet. We scraped off the frosting. I would eat the cake and ditch the frosting. The box looks incredibly luxurious though. I guess it will probably make a fantastic corporate gift because of how it looks.

2 days later:
Back home, I made myself an espresso with a little Celebration cupcake. This cupcake is 2 days old. Cake is still surprisingly moist! You can taste the cherry in that bite, frosting hasn’t harden up yet. A nice set layer and soft sweet insides.


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