Presents! – Part 3 (water bottle)

Office Christmas gift exchange. I decided that “dirty secret Santa”, like the one played during the food bloggers picnic, would be awesome for the people at work.

Few differences. We only had 10 people playing. Game was conducted in English then interpreted in mandarin. After gifts were opened, we could basically guessed who got them. Then we admitted to that.

After a whole lot of fighting, arguing and evil glares, I ended up with a gift that I 1st pulled out of the table, and it was bought with the intention of me getting it in the end. How sweet is that?


It’s a glass bottle! For water. And you can put slices of lemon and things like that in it.


How awesome is it when people you work with actually know you, and even understand your personal routine and habits? I drink lemon water (with a bit of honey) for breakfast most mornings. With this I can drink it through the day.


I have no idea where to get this from though, but it’s quite lovely. Will try it out this weekend.

Thank you my secret Santa!