Presents! – Part 4 (Koko Black’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Sauce)

Always awesome to have awesome friends. Thank you Ella! I love my present!

This came in the mail today.



What is it? Another layer of wrapping!



Oh my! Something from Koko Black!



It is THE jar of Chocolate Salted Caramel that cannot be ordered online. Ah, thank you so much! You have to head in store to pick one up.



The color is beautiful. Oh so beautiful. Dark, rich, smooth.



Took quite a bit of effort to open this jar. We were twisting, turning, tapping the base of the jar, smashing the side of the lid against the table. I should buy one of those lid popping openers for the office.

The result? Beautiful and glossy, the loveliest looking thing ever!



The result? Well, I put a spoon into it, and took a lick. It smells great, perfect! The taste started off a little bitter, burnt maybe? It’s caramel after all. But the taste, as you slowly savour it, is just lovely. The layers of flavour, mmmmm so so good! You can taste the caramel, then salt, and the chocolate, then a caramel after taste that is quite beautiful.

I really hope we get Koko black here in Sydney soon. For now, I’ll have to order online, and hope my friends will be happy to send me the store-only specials.

Thank you again Ella!


I’ll have to take it home from work and shove it into a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream. Or Ben & Jerry’s Couch potato.