Fuji Instax Mini90 – Neo classic

I’ve been eyeing this camera since the food bloggers Christmas picnic this year, when someone took a group photo of us with it.

This takes the same instax mini film as the piano black (mini 50s), mini 7s, mini 8, and mini 25.



Available from George’s camera for $209.90 (it’s usually $219.90 accordingly to the tag on the bottom of the box) it seems like a reasonable price to pay, considering the extra functions (piano was $169)



Contents: camera (duh!), arm strap (the instructions said “this is not a neck strap”), battery, charger, manuals.



Camera looks really cool. A really retro look to it. Classic, like the name. It even has little nubs where buttons would have been if it was an actual camera. The finish looks leathery and metallic, but it’s just plastic. Really smart way of making it look good without the extra costs. It has a nice grip to it, just like the Piano. I like how it has a button in front and on the side for horizontal or vertical use.



A double exposure pic I took. Need to study up on double exposures. Not sure what I have to do. Just looks ghostly. I took the trees 1st, then the building with the stop lights.



The photo quality for regular selfies seems better than the Mini 50 (Piano Black). Personally, I like it better because of the “no flash” function that you can select. The flash is glaring and painful. Each time it flashes, you go blind for like a minute or 2 each time.

Will try the other functions like high speed (running children) or brighter backgrounds.

Well, hopefully someone else will be lucky enough to get this for Christmas as well!