Scotchy Scotch Scotch – Ben & Jerry’s

A new “limited batch” flavour by Ben & Jerry’s. Took a week for me to get my hands on this! The 7-eleven in Maroubra. The freezer had a sticker for this flavour since last week, but I only managed to get it this week.


Always good to try out new flavours. Always good. This particular one is released for the movie “Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues ” starring Will Ferrell. Would love to watch the movie when is released.

What attracted me to this ice cream? The words “limited batch” of course! I’m such a sucker for “limited release” “limited edition” things like that.


Will Ferrell on the front looking all snazzy. Will this sell more ice cream?


What do I think? Take a look inside.


Smooth ice cream of course. And good chunks of butter scotch swirls. Mmmm I dug my spoon into it and took a nice lick. Yum! Now I should just put my nose into the pint and lick it shouldn’t I? Or not. Just in case I have guests. Haha.

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