Sphero 2.0 – the ultimate present

Finally! It’s here it’s here! I wanted this so badly and it’s finally here!


What is this, you might ask. Best way to explain this would be, have you ever owned a remote controlled car, but it wasn’t enough? You want it to light up, run on water (you heard me, it’s waterproof), play with your pet, play golf, this does it! And you can program it too. There’s an app with saved macros and you can “learn” to program your Sphero to do what you want it to do!

This is Sphero 2.0. It is a robotic ball that does a whole bunch of stuff. Plenty of games on the iOS or android. I have the iOS 7 device, so these are some of the apps for it. I am sure there are many programmers out there getting new apps made, quite creative! The variation and variety for this ball is amazing, it is not all about the ball running around, but you can use it as a joystick to control the actions in some of the games.20131219-184330.jpg20131219-184336.jpg


You can see it on your screen rolling over zombies, golf, play multiplayer games like catch it when it’s of a certain colour, play with your pet, or if you have multiples, play tag. 20131219-184638.jpg20131219-184645.jpg


Upon slowly sliding the cover off, it reveals the side of the box with the words “Sphero”20131219-184748.jpg


The Sphero 2.0 is nestled neatly in its cradle, adorable! Staring back at you. 20131219-184903.jpg


Inside the box, there’s 2 ramps, a charging base, a cradle to put your ball in and an instructions manual. 20131219-214247.jpg


Ramps. It’s for you to control your ball to leap off one and down the other. Or into the cradle.20131219-214620.jpg


Close up of the ramp. Has a little Sphero printed on it. 20131219-214745.jpg


Charger base.



Cute Sphero print on the base.



Sphero getting charged up, getting ready for play! Time to say good night, and play with it in the morning!



Lighted up in different colours while charging. It does turn off after awhile, except the small light at the bottom that blinks while charging. I was charging it next to my bed, so I had to put a box on top of it, so I could go to sleep.



Grab yours from Sphero website or thinkgeek.

You can get your hands on a limited edition Sphero 2.0 from the Apple Store. I will be taking photos of the limited edition soon (friend bought one) and the Sphero Original at some stage.

If you are getting it off the Sphero store grab a nubby case as well. It will help it move over the ground with a little more grip. It is a rubber casing for your ball.


Check out the cute little cartoon on the back of the nubby pack.


Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to play with it! It has to sit in it’s charger for at 3hrs for a full 1hr charge. Will post pics of me playing!