Garfish – Manly

Garfish is a fine dinning seafood restaurant that has a few branches around Sydney. Manly being my favourite, location as well as menu. It has the “fruits de mer platter” AKA seafood platter for 2, or your family of 3, if you would like dessert after. 20131221-093246.jpg

This is a beautiful location. Close to the beach, 2 beaches? Inland and the ocean. Very beautiful indeed. This visit I am taking advantage of the birthday $50 voucher valid for this month only, for a group of 4 people or more. Join the Garfish Birthday Club for these special offers.

We were seated near the kitchen. I wouldn’t say “near the kitchen” there’s a wall and path between the tables and the kitchen. I love watching food being plated. This is good. 20131221-093819.jpg

Take a look at their menu. The little white paper taped to the bottom is the fish of the day, and the sides. 20131221-094346.jpg

We started off with the beer of the month. I like the flavour, light and refreshing, not bitter. 20131221-093927.jpg20131221-093933.jpg

We chose to have all our food served up together. For the 4 of us, we ordered grilled garfish with the mash, and a fruits de mer platter. Our table was full! It was awesome. 20131221-094052.jpg

The garfish is well cooked. Delicious and just amazing. Watch out for little bones. I think it is just the type of fish, as long as you are careful, you should be able to swallow them without issue. I particularly love the mash. Smooth and creamy, and the sauce, just amazing.20131221-094413.jpg

On to the seafood platter. Yes, this pile of food is the Fruits De Mer Platter, seafood platter for 2. 20131221-094617.jpg

We start off with a bowl of chips, 20131221-094705.jpg

And a bowl of greens.20131221-094731.jpg

On to the top layer. We have fresh oysters, salt and pepper calamari, smoked tuna, a corn salad with fish. 20131221-094850.jpg

Beautiful and fresh oysters. Mmmmm… Crunchy calamari, well seasoned smoked tuna. The corn salad isn’t too bad either. Beautifully roasted corn with rocket and fish. 20131221-094944.jpg

On to the bottom layer! 20131221-095054.jpg

Beautifully grilled scallops on half shells, freshly grilled prawns, scampi and yabbies. So sweet and juicy. 20131221-095241.jpg

Another bowl of salad, with polenta fritter, and a tender grilled fish on top. 20131221-095355.jpg

Once you are done with your mains, it’s time to move on to dessert.

We had the chocolate mousse. I love this, with raspberry sorbet and a cube of caramel fudge. Smooth, delicious chocolate mousse, with a good flavour, served with the perfect raspberry sorbet that sour. A little bit of fudge at the end is just great. You can eat them together or just whichever part you like, tastes great all the same. 20131221-095810.jpg

Coconut panacotta with passion fruit jelly and macarons. The jelly is really sour, love that. The coconut pana cotta is smooth and you can taste the coconut in it. As for the macaron, the filling is sourish and the outside shells are sweet. Perfect match.


After you are all done, don’t forget to take in the view outside.


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