Delima – Sydney Sussex St

This Indonesian Malay restaurant has been around for awhile. I would probably consider it more of the “slightly more high end (depending on what you order) dining” spectrum of food option.



You walk in and find 2 sections. We were seated in individual corners with round tables. The other section is made up of rows of tables. I like our little corner.



Table deco.



We get a whole dish of prawn crackers to start with. The chilli that comes with it is amazingly spicy. Really really spicy. Burnt my tongue a little, just cause I didn’t believe my friend when she said “Wow, this has a real kick to it”. Always be cautious. Will remember that next time.



Time to order some food. Light entree dishes. Chicken satay. It has a strong lemon-grass taste to it. It is quite fragrant. Meat is tender.



Tofu was up next. It is 4 pieces of fried tofu and a yellow bean paste coated with oat meal and fried. It is quite enjoyable. I like the fried bean fritters with the satay sauce.



Beef rendang. Tender beef pieces in delicious curry. It wasn’t too spicy, and the sauce is smooth and good over coconut rice.



Up next is the ox tail soup. The soup was great! I loved the flavours in this bowl. My friend was totally into the meat pieces. The potato were cooked well, and it wasn’t over cooked or falling apart.



Calamari with sweet sauce. I love the batter on this one. Sweet sauce may be a little too sweet for some people, but I quite like it. It’s like the fried tiny squids we have back home. Wish it was mini squid, but hey, it still works.



Dish of the day is the whole steam fish. This fish is smooth, silky, and there’s no fishy smell or taste to it. It’s well prepared and very fresh. Meat is firm.



We ordered coconut rice. I like coconut rice. I like coconut anything. The rice is fragrant, smells great, tastes good.


The ambience is nice, I like how we got our own corner. You can get your own corner table for groups of 6. The staff are friendly, and the food is good. The meal finished off with a dish of complimentary watermelon slices. Total came up to $157 for the 4 of us. We were all full, with bits of left overs here and there. Not much. Maybe gravy from rendang, and 1/3 of the calamari.

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