Homemade goat’s cheese

Picked these up from a lovely friend today, home made goat’s cheese from her Aunty! When I got there, there was a sample spread waiting for me.

How perfect is this! I turn up for a piece of cheese, and I get served with a whole plate of it? Then I am given a box to take home after? I’m so so lucky!


Look at the colours on them! So beautiful. There’s chilli (with the reddish brown powder on the side), ginger (White) and honey berry mac nut (pinkish with cranberry/ macadamia nut pieces).

This cheese is so light and fluffy, you won’t believe it. The flavours are good, and the best part? Goat’s cheese! Hypoallergenic deliciousness. It’s so fresh, no preservatives, nothing artificial. Because it’s homemade, the flavours are real and awesome.

I’ve never expected goat’s cheese to be this flavourful and smooth, creamy and light. Honestly I’ve never had goat’s cheese in my life. I’ve always imagined it to be sort of curdy and had this strong sheep smell to it. Not this cheese!

Ginger cheese – good gingery flavour. It’s actually good with the berry cheese! I’m not good with ginger, but it tastes great with berry.

Honey berry – love this one. Sweet and yummy, it’s like a cheesecake, so light. Fantastic on crackers.

Chilli – probably my favorite! A savory cheese. So versatile. Had it with crackers, and today I made an egg omelette on toast with it!


So egg omeletete with ham, a side of buttered toast, all done up on the stove.



Eggs with ham, and a crumble of chilli goats cheese. Fried up with fresh French butter. Bet it would taste awesome with some home cured bacon or prosciutto too.



Cheese melts great.



Sandwich time!



Look at the layers. Isn’t it just gorgeous?



Thanks again Charmaine! And for the rest of you, enjoy looking and drooling at the pics!