Happy birthday to me!

Yup! New Year’s Eve baby. Heading out to work, but that doesn’t stop my birthday from happening.

Only myself and the company intern in today. Which isn’t too bad. I have Sphero with me. There’s a countdown party later at a client’s office, apparently overlooking the harbour bridge and opera house! That would be exciting.

Presents! Thank you everyone for the presents! Hehe.

Thank you Zamil and Eelyn for this tea pot! It comes with a timer that pops the basket of tea leaves up and away from the water once it’s done! How amazing is that! Thank you! I need this, I always tend to over steep my tea because I forget.


Thank you James for country road duffel! Just perfect for my Vegas trip! Love the colors! Just pretty. (Yes, I picked the colors, haha).


Thanks Tina for the lovely bath bombs! Just what I need, a nice soak! Love baths! And lush stuff. Hehe.


Oroton umbrella! Just what I needed, and totally wanted! Thank you Alison! Had to give her $2 for it, superstitions, haha. Love it! And the colour you picked out for me? Thank you! I think orange is great! It’s not something I would have picked, but it really is nice!


Thank you Connie for the lovely notebook! I love journals!! Thank you so much!


Thank you Yuan for thinking of me all the way from Singapore! I really miss you!


Thank you Tina and Vivian for my 1st cake!


Thank you to little Eva for my cute card and bunnies!


Thank you to my AGSX family for my cake and letting us drink at the office for my birthday!!


Thank you everyone for the cakes and well wishes!

Thank you everyone! Enjoy all the festivities tonight!

Tomorrow Charmaine is taking me on a road trip! Would be so fun!! I have no idea where! It’s going to be a birthday surprise. Can’t wait!

Update: 1st Jan 2014

The festivities continue!
Neighbour Eva knocked on my door this morning and gave me my present. Lush! This box comes with a jelly soap! I think you can’t buy them individually anymore. I loved them! Such fun soap!


Time to head out to Bobbin Head (Ku-Ring-Gai national park) where Charmaine had a full day planned out for me! (So she says) it was going to be a picnic by the mountains and river. So, as usual, I wore a dress, my stockings and Melissa jelly flats.

The place was absolutely amazing.


So pretty.


A little picnic just for the 2 of us!



She thought of everything! There was pink bubbly too!


The cutest birthday card, and it sings too!


Cake pop tray. Aptly named “cake balls maker” I’m guessing copyright issues? Haha.


Chocolates and more chocolates! And a bag of cookie dough mix! With a cutter and everything!


Looking into the river, we saw these paddle boats.


Looks fun doesn’t it!


So Charmaine said “we have to do it for your 30th!” Me: “In a dress?!” Charmaine: “It is something to remember!” So we did!!


When I got back, Zamil and Eelyn turned up and we had cake together.


Really awesome birthday! Thank you everyone!

Update: 7 Jan 2014

Perfect addition to my current collection! And a pair to boot too! Thank you so much Vivian! I love these tea cups! They would have been the cups I would have gotten for myself at some stage. So pretty!!


They are roses that look like roses with a beautiful gold rim! Tea anyone?


And Krisy! Thank you! I received your gift in the mail. A personalised pouch, perfect passport and paper size! And pink too.


Thank you everyone! Thank you!