Mr. Crackles – Darlinghurst



After the Christmas food bloggers picnic organised by chocolatesuze and grab your fork, and the giant box of crackling, I decided that I just HAVE to make a trip there. To see how the rest of the food is like.

I had the impression that it might be a place where they did nothing but crackling (pork rind). No idea why I would think that anyway. Well, here’s part of a menu.



A display of crackling!



Started with a cup of crackling. It’s quite lovely with the drizzle of tangy plum dressing. It’s nice with or without it. Good crunch to it. I really like it. Best to share though.



They don’t usually sell full sheets of crackling. But if you ask nicely, they do. Well, the guy at the counter estimated how many cups a piece makes, and sells you a piece. I got a large piece for $20. Had the sauce packed separately.



I also ordered the sweet potato wedges with chilli aioli. $7.These are good sweet potato wedges. The texture is good, good crunch and the insides are properly cooked. Yum yum.



Ordered the small hot dog $5 with mustard and ketchup. It’s a really normal hot dog. I don’t think there’s anything to it. I suppose the bread is nicely toasted. That’s about it. Nothing special.



Friend ordered the Christmas special. The pork pieces were good, but my friend said the rest of the roll wasn’t overly impressive.


Friend ordered the sloppy joe. I’ve never had a sloppy joe in my life, and I’m not sure if I would ever be ready to eat one. It looks sloppy!


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