Two Sticks – Sydney/Haymarket

Looking for authentic Yunnan cuisine? Look no more! (At least in the Sydney city)


Recently opened on George St, next to an Irish pub, across from world square, this place is incredibly busy and adorable. Bright yellow with wood interior, it looks like a really nice place, wouldn’t say it is really made for “hanging out” tables are small and you sit on smallish chairs. The wait is rather long, probably because of the small space.


Comments from my friends about the menu. It’s authentic! Down to the desserts.


Yunnan is made up of quite a few minor groups of people, each with their own types of food and traditions. Yunnan friend commented that all these dishes are from a few different groups, that’s why there’s food that’s just cold dishes while others are hot soups or crockery made to keep it as hot as possible.

Yunnan Signature Noodles or known as 过桥米线 “crossing the bridge noodles”. The story is based on a scholar who would study in the middle of the lake every day, and his wife would try to bring him lunch. Because it’s so cold, the noodles would get cold before she got it to him. So she devised a way to make sure the soup was hot when she got it to him. The soup is prepared in a clay pot, and there’s a thick layer of oil added to the top to keep the heat in. When she brought it to him, the soup would still be piping hot, and she would then add the meats, vegetables and noodles to it, while it continued cooking and heating up.

Don’t worry about the thick layer of hot oil, no one really does that any more. The soup isn’t too oily, it is quite lovely.


When served up to the table, the waitress slide the meat off the plate and into the hot soup. We were to wait a minute then add the noodles, vegetables and preserved vegetables into the bowl.


Stir it up a little, wait to cook through and enjoy!


Next dish up was a cold dish. Dai flavour chicken noodle salad. Good flavour to it, not too spicy. I’m not fond of cucumbers, but I tasted the noodles anyway. Refreshing!


It is quite a medium size serve, so my friend ordered a 2nd bowl. The Dai flavoured mince pork noodle salad. Similar flavours, just different meat.


I ordered the potato risotto, or more aptly named “bronze pot rice” not sure what the story is behind this, but it was delicious. Remember to scrape the bottom for the crisped up bits of rice. Nice flavours. Pot looks big, but it is actually quite shallow. I think it’s the perfect size, with extras.


Steam chicken soup. Tiny little thing.


A good dish to start your meal, we each got a little bowl. It has a great flavour. You drink it straight out of the bowl, no spoons. Just pick out the tender chicken with your chopsticks. My friends claim that it is not as similar as the ones in Yunnan, but I enjoyed the flavours of it.


The beef jerky is a bit dry and tough, and a tad too salty for my taste. My friend found it a little too dry too.


Time for dessert! We ordered the soybean flour rice balls. Little balls of deliciousness. Little smear of brown sugar syrup, makes it yummier.


Paoluda. Coconut milk, glutinous rice, sago, nata de coco. What is there not to love? Mmmm yum! Apparently only the crunchy bread isn’t authentic. Good stuff.


Located on George St, I would certainly go again.


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