Sitney Thai Cuisine – Parramatta

So for a birthday dinner (the day after) I had Thai. Public holidays means a lot of places are closed.



This looks like a nice place. A little bit of a hazard I see here. Wire in the middle.



Good nice place.



Okay so the place is awesome, what about the food? Let’s start with service. It’s a big restaurant with only 2 staff. I’m guessing it’s because of the public holidays?

On to the food. My friend ordered this vegetable mushroom stir fry thing I think. Looks like a lot of vegetables. I always shy away from food that contains peppercorn, except peppercorn sauce on steak, after I scrape off the peppers.



There’s a chicken curry, looks good. Feedback was “it’s okay”.



Next up was chicken wrapped in roti and covered in yellow curry. Apparently it has quite a good hit of spicyness.



Last but not least, mine. Chilli mussels. Okay, the mussels was a tad bit dry, but with the sauce drizzled on top, it was good to go.



Last dish that appeared was my coconut rice. It took FOREVER. Everyone finished their food and I was still waiting on my rice to turn up. I like sweet coconut rice, and the serving was massive, but really! The amount of time I’ve spent waiting. I was full because of waiting for this rice.



My friends asked for sharing plates that never arrived. I’m guessing it might be because of the lack of staff in this crazy holiday season that probably caused the issues. I wasn’t hungry enough to order my usual pad Thai or Tom yum soup to compare the quality of this place with others. It’s decent food, just hoped it had slightly better service.


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