Izakaya Goma – Maroubra

This is a new restaurant that opened in Maroubra.


As far as I remember, this location used to be Kura. The interior looks rather similar, I have no idea actually, only been to Kura Maroubra once.


Got a bottle of Kirin, and my friend got a caplico. It’s strange that as a Japanese restaurant, they would use a non-Japanese manufactured caplico drink. As for Kirin, looks pretty standard. Hoppy taste. It’s okay, I prefer Asahi. They have Asahi, but I haven’t had Kirin before.


Truffle edamame. Regular edamame drizzled with truffle oil and bits of mushroom pieces. It’s okay, cooked well.


I ordered the lunch set. Sashimi set. It’s really well presented, wish the sashimi was a little colder. The cold tofu side dish was slightly odd. Good portion size.


Friend ordered the chicken katsu curry. I found the chicken rather bland and the curry a tad watery. Massive portion though.


Overall, the food quality is normal-ish, it’s okaaaayyyyy. Large food portions. That’s it. Maybe I need to try more entrees, since it’s an izakaya.

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