The Meeting Point – Haymarket

So many Chinese places here in Australia gets totally lost in translation. “The Meeting Point” has the Chinese name “甲乙丙丁” which loosely translates to “first, second, third, fourth” in terms of ranking, or A B C D if you are doing a grade marking system for school work.

Located outside of UTS, I suppose both English and Chinese names are rather apt.


Nevertheless, us 4 girls decided it would be a nice place for dinner.


Apparently you can always get a table. It’s quite empty, there’s always people, but it’s still empty at dinner time. I heard it’s usually busier in the afternoon, due to Paddy’s Market as well as uni students lurking.


I like the nice concrete stone finish in this place. And the really nice wooden bar.


Got ourselves some drinks. I got a lemon black tea. Good tea. Huge serve. This is the large, the small is 1/2 the size. I like my teas.


Girls ordered avocado milkshakes. Apparently it’s good.


Our first dish is tofu with century egg (preserved egg). It’s served cold with soy sauce and pork floss. It’s delicious. Cold, smooth and easy to eat.


Eggplant fritters arrived, served with pork floss on top. My friends liked it. I didn’t try any. Serving up everything with pork floss is quite a Taiwanese style of food preparation.


Dry pot. Spicy base, with a few ingredients. We have roe filled fish balls, sausage, enoki mushroom, pork (bacon), lotus. Don’t order the lotus. I love lotus, but this is the powdery dry flavourless sourish ones. I really didn’t like the lotus, but the rest of the pot was delicious. It’s not too salty and seasoned great.


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Enjoy enjoy!