Club Shoot, archery competition (casual, fun)

Today is the club shoot! At Latham Park. Archery is fun indeed, and anyone who is interested, Sydney Bowmen’s Club, Sundays 10.30am for 2hours. Equipment is provided with the course. It’s $15 for adults.

Club shoot is kinda like a casual competition, that is scored of course. I shoot a compound bow, only female shooting a compound bow. A would consider myself a novice. So I shot a Short Canberra round. Maximum score 900, at the range of 6 arrows x 5 rounds for 50 meters, 40 meters and 30 meters.

Did pretty well I’d say. Mark of the devil, number if the beast right there. 666/900


Still, I think I did okay. Pinks are mine.


Yup, love my pink arrows.


Won a bottle of wine. I was the only one in my category of course haha. But I did pretty decent with everyone in the Short Canberra category.


Friend bought me some ice cream! Awesome!


Fun day!