RiRa’s Irish Pub – Las Vegas

At the Mandalay Bay on The Strip. This is an Irish pub. 20140207-030200.jpg

It is our 1st day at Vegas, and this is our 1st dinner here. It’s a nice place! Watch the slippery floor though. Fun live band. 20140207-030800.jpg

All these fantastic food. Look look!

We start off with some crab cakes. Crunchy breading, awesome crab. It’s good! Nice mild sauce.


Next up we ordered some mussels. Good creamy flavour. The pretzel buns were so good! Buttered well, soft, good texture. Soak it into the soup, perfect.


Now for our mains.


We got to RiRa’s a little late, like 10.30pm.

So here’s a meatloaf burger. The bun is good, and apparently the last bite, was the best bit of it all. But it wasn’t “real meatloaf”, and we were wanting ketchup, just cause everyone is from Hawaii, and authentic Irish is a lot different, natural tasting food.


I had the scotch eggs. Well, it’s pre-prepped, and since it was really late at night, my eggs were over done. Sent it back, but because it’s pre-prepped, we just returned it and I skipped it.


Best thing of the night is the shepherd’s pie. I think the side of dense rye bread with melted butter is best, then dipped into the mussels.


Creamy potato, properly seasoned minced lamb, mixed vegetables, I like it!


Hopefully every night will be as awesome!

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