BurGR by Gordon Ramsay – Las Vegas

What’s Vegas without hitting up a fancy restaurant? Not fancy fine dining, but like a restaurant by a famous person. So for the bf’s birthday, we all decided to hit up BurGR for burgers. At Planet Hollywood.


The entrance has a fire display.


When you open the menu, Gordon’s face looks back at you.


Started off with milkshakes. Not just any milkshake. Strawberry milkshake with créme brûlée pudding, and banana milkshake with coconut pudding. That’s right, milkshake AND pudding. And a spoonful of cream on top.


Maui onion rings. Perfectly crisp, the right width. There’s nothing worst than onion rings being so wide it doesn’t soften enough. This one is just right. And the dips with it is perfect.


Sweet potato fries! A favourite of mine. Wish they didn’t add powdered sugar on it, cause you really don’t need the powdered sugar.


Truffle fries! Saw this on the menu online and told myself, I need to order this. The fries were well seasoned and properly crisp. You can taste the truffle on it. Yum!


Time for our burgers. Take it all in!burgers burgers!!


Brioche buns are a favourite of mine. You have to have burgers with brioche!


Duck bacon.




Cross section of a burger. There’s an awesome fried egg in this one.


Service was great. The whole experience was wonderful. I forgot to make a reservation, so we waited an hour+ for a table for 8. You didn’t have to stand around, they texted you when the table was ready. Us girls hit up Brookstone for massages by “testing” massage chairs.

If you are in Vegas, and want a burger and shakes, BurGR does it in a whole class of it’s own.

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