Todd English’s P.U.B. – Las Vegas

At Crystals by the Aria. Gastropubs are a personal favourite of mine. I will always hit up a gastropub if I can. Good food and beer, what more could anyone ask for?


This bar has a raw bar, with seafood on ice.


For a city in the middle of the desert, they get seafood flew in fresh every day. How awesome is that!


We ordered a couple of beers (pic was bad, so no pic) then got some oysters and oyster shooter. Oysters are $2 a piece. That is pretty decent! I don’t know where can you get $2/piece oysters at a restaurant. Oyster shooters $10 each, an oyster with cocktail sauce and Crown Royal (whiskey). So fresh, loved it.


Looked around the place while waiting for our mains. The table next to us comes with taps that you can pour on your own, and it calculates how many pints you have poured and you are charged accordingly. Blue Moon and Guinness on tap.


Dark and comfortable space. Lots of space.


Saw the lobster rolls on menu. OMG! Yes to these lobster rolls! The soft sweet rolls are buttered and grilled to perfection. Each roll has at least a whole claw. How amazing is that?


I don’t even know how the chips tastes like, cause I wasn’t trying anymore. The lobster was so good.


Coleslaw was good too, I think. Can’t remember anything after the roll.


I ordered sliders and waffle fries. Perfectly medium burgers, in tiny brioche buns. Yum yum. The waffle fries are nice and crunchy, mash on the inside.


Here’s a glass of 1/2 a beer. Cute glass.


Here are some large windows behind our table. After we paid, we took our glasses and walked out of the window. It’s Vegas, we were probably too drunk to notice that we walked out of a window. We weren't the only ones.


Fun night. If you visit Vegas, be sure to go here, and the lobster rolls are not to be missed!

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