Hurricanes – Darling Harbour

I miss this place! Such a lovely place for dinner. A place where I would bring all my pork ribs lover friends to. Also a go-to restaurant when I have friends visiting Sydney. 20140129-230117.jpg

Started with the garlic bread. Crusty white bread, good flavour and butter. 20140129-230528.jpg

Soup of the day is a potato carrot soup. 20140129-230901.jpg

Soup is served with a nice roll. I love that chowder texture in the soup. You can taste the sweet carrot in it. 20140129-230940.jpg

BBQ chicken wings served with rice. Good sauce, rice is fragrant, and wings are tender. 20140129-231210.jpg

A good huge dish of Caesar salad. Good dressing, and the leaves are fresh and green. 20140129-231515.jpg

Garlic mushrooms! Still my favourite dish. It’s been my favourite since the first time I’ve visited 7 years ago, it’s still my favourite dish. Juicy mushrooms, good amount of butter. Just delicious amounts of garlic. 20140129-231742.jpg

Close up of the delicious mushrooms. 20140129-231854.jpg

Pork ribs with baked potato! Mmmm giant rack of ribs, huge rack of pork ribs, just waiting to be devoured. 20140129-232027.jpg

Pork ribs with chips! Just as good. The chips are crunchy and yummy. Close up of ribs.


Lamb ribs with chips. Yes, fantastic chips, tender lamb ribs with meat that slides off the bones.


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