In-and-out Burger – Las Vegas

So much food in Vegas, good food, yet, we are drawn to this yellow and red sign down the freeway. Bright spinning sign.



The lines are long, but we managed to get our burgers before the line actually got really really long.



These are reasonably priced burgers. $3.30 for a double. So we all got doubles, and I split a serve of fries with the bf. Friends had milkshakes too.



Our double burger with fries.



In-and-out burgers are madness! Crazy and insane! Fresh ground beef burgers made to order. Not like your processed beef patties found at other fast food chains. I want more of this! Such delicious burger, with fresh lettuce, really fresh lettuce, and deliciously seasoned ground beef patties, with beautifully melted cheese. The burger is just as pretty as picture.



If a basic double isn’t good enough for you, why not give the 4×4 a try? What’s a 4×4? It is 4 beef patties! And I heard from a valet that there’s a 6×6 as well. One of our friend just had to try it. Animal style! No lettuce or those extra fluff called vegetables between meats, that’s what animal style is. The manliest way to eat it. Rawr.



No way the burger’s going to fit? No problem! Squish it down 1st! That’s the way to do it.



Peppers are provided if you want an extra kick. Pickled and spicy.



Get a paper hat! Or 2. Put in on, take lots of pictures.



If food isn’t for you, there’s the merchandise section next to it. OR eat the burgers 1st, then buy some souvenirs.



Here you can pick up t-shirts or little wooden desk stands with your name on it.



Or hoodies


Or more shirts.



Or if it makes you dandy, bikinis.



For anyone who is in the vicinity of some in-and-out burger, I would recommend you try it! For $3.03 for a double, can’t go wrong with that! It was like, $15 for the 2 of us. 2 burgers, 1 fries and we split a drink as well. I still don’t like the idea that tax and tip is separate. Oh well! It is what it is. Us from Down Under, will never understand that.

Such a good burger, such cheap niceness. Would love to have another! Should have could have would have. Guess I’ll have to hunt another one down from which ever USA state we visit next!

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