My Las Vegas 2014 trip

Being in a LDR means having to go visit and exploring lots of new places with the SO. My cousin inspired me to do this post. Was showing her pics of the trip, then realised that it may be short, but we sure did a lot. This post is for me to keep on track of things I need to post, and to remind myself, I’ve been to more places than I can remember in 7 days. The whole trip was amazing, and I really enjoyed every moment of it.

This post can be a sample travel itinerary for people going to Vegas just for a week as well. As you can see, we were out really really late and up late too. You will be able to squish in more activities, and more shows too. We were at the casino quite a lot too, free drinks when you are playing at the tables. (Side note: we rented a car, and had designated drivers.)

Welcome to Vegas!



It was a really amazing trip, loved every minute of it. Thank you baby, for making this trip amazing. The new people I’ve met on this trip is really awesome too!

Day 1:
So we arrived on the 6th Feb, at 6am in the morning. So the 1st restaurant we went to was “Hash House A Go Go”. It is a 24hr restaurant and uses farm fresh ingredients, and massive massive food portions. There were 5 of us on this trip. Myself, my SO, his cousin, her BF (his friend), and a mutual friend.



Next up we had to check in to all our hotels. We checked into the Hotel 32 at the Monte Carlo. The whole experience there was amazing. The stay and service was fantastic. Would love to head back there again next year.



Dropped off the mutual friend at the Stratosphere. One of the tallest building in Vegas, with a pretty amazing view from the top of the tower. If you have a friend, or is staying there, you can take use your room key to visit the tower, and bring 4 friends along per card.



Probably fell asleep at some stage, then woke up for dinner. We headed to the Irish Pub “Ri Ra’s” for dinner. Food was pretty okay. Really do enjoy having dinner with a large group of people.



Day 2:
The next day, we headed to the Belagio and visited the “Jean-Philippe Patisserie” and saw the worlds largest chocolate fountain and had the best red velvet cupcake of my life.



And he bought me flowers! Flowers that is made of cane leaves. Something different and unique! I find it incredibly romantic and sweet. I’m not really into flowers cause when they die, they leave a mess. Very morbid of me? Maybe. I’m weird like that I suppose.



That night, we headed downtown. Stopped by a taco stand and had some tacos. It was quite the experience. No idea what it was called though. It was on the side of the road, at a gas station or tire repair shop.



Once we hit downtown, I had my 1st experience with a deep fried Twinkie. An actual battered and fried Twinkie, with powdered sugar and chocolate rice. Life changing.



Fremont experience downtown was quite the experience. Lots of lights and performance. It was really enjoyable. Took quite a few pics and after which, spent a lot of time at The D, playing craps. I’ve never played craps in my life. It is really interesting to watch. Apparently I throw well! For awhile anyway.



After all the gambling, we headed back onto The Strip “La Salsa Cantina” at New York New York for a Mexican dinner. It’s okay, not too fond of Mexican food honestly.



Day 3:
Early next morning, we hit up breakfast at Hotel 32’s Lounge 32, then headed to The Mandalay Bay’s shark aquarium, and spent the morning there. Lots of fish, and South East Asian reptiles and animals. The Inca decoration is fantastic to look at. There’s sting ray (food), jelly fish (food), mahi mahi (food). It’s bad isn’t it, to think that all these is food.



We hit up “Corner Cakes” at the Monte Carlo. The bf bought me a lovely red velvet cupcake! I love my red velvet cupcakes. It’s his birthday, but he bought me a cupcake instead. That’s love isn’t it?



At night, we headed over to “burGR” by Gordon Ramsay. There was like 9 of us having dinner together and it was great. Service was amazing, food was great! We had to wait ages though, because it was such a last minute decision to have dinner there.



Day 4:
The next afternoon, we headed over to The  Buffet at The Aria for “brunch buffet”. All these fresh seafood. Split crab legs, cold and hot. So awesome. We had many waitress changes, although the 1st 2 weren’t that great. The next 2 waiters were pretty good, especially with drinks service.



We did quite a lot of window shopping. Well, I did the shopping, the bf did some more drinking. At the Miracle Mile Mall, there’s a microbrewery, “Sin City Brewing Co.”. I love microbrews. We did hit it up a couple of times, the bf bought a shirt and made a friend. The guy at the bar is friendly and service is great. Beer’s great, service is great, what more can you ask for?



We went to the M&Ms store. Grabbed a lot of M&Ms. Love the individual colours, fantastic for my OCD. I love how tidy and how separate the colours are. I usually sit around with a spoon, sorting my M&Ms. So this place is just perfect. I have them sorted in individual bags based on the colours I want.



We wanted to watch a Las Vegas show, so here we are! Zumanity by Cirque de Soleil. It was such an amazing and funny show. Please note that it’s 18 and above only. The show is funny and entertaining, if you are into the burlesque, circus, and a little comedy as well. We picked seats around the middle section. Front row seats gets front row entertainment, and some even got some one-on-one attention.



Day 5:
The next day we headed out to “In-N-Out Burger” off the strip, for the best fast food burger ever. It was a really good simple meal, with fresh ingredients. Enjoyable!



Next we headed out to “Red Rock Canyon” for a little hike. I was in my dress and boots. Not the wisest idea I would say, but I had a great time. The bf and his friend hiked further out, climbing up and down rocks, while I posed on rocks with the gf. It was great fun. I spent a lot of time looking for cactus.



At night, we had dinner at “Swish Shabu Shabu”, in Chinatown. A little change from the big fancy restaurants down at The Strip. It was nice and warm, really comforting food.



Day 6:
Everyone left for Hawaii, so it’s just the 2 of us. We picked up a cronut just for me. My 1st cronut, with a lemon glaze. It’s really awesome. I like this cronut thing.



That evening we saw the musical fountains at the Belagio. It was quite magical, really beautiful. Just being there watching it, was really nice.



Dinner at “Todd English’s P.U.B.” Amazing lobster rolls!



Day 7:
Check out day. We had breakfast at The Cafe at The Monte Carlo. Perfect poached eggs. The Monte Carlo has been amazing.



We had a late checkout, Hotel 32 at the Monte Carlo has been amazing. The stay was great and the service was fantastic. Just lovely.

We had a quick lunch at “The Pub” at the Monte Carlo right before picking up our car from the valet.



Dropped the car off at Fox Rentals, then took the shuttle to the airport.

This vacation was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. I’m happy to be able to spend my time with my SO. Thank you so much. I had so much fun. Now, off to Hawaii! For 6 days of rain!!

For all my readers, thank you for reading. Just simply wanted to share this whole experience.