Sin City Brewing Co. – Las Vegas

Located in the Miracle Mile Mall, near the artificial rain cloud. A little open shop that has a booth for you to sit around to drink, and a counter that is a hole in the wall, where you can buy your beer.


Got to love Vegas. You can drink openly anywhere. Except when you are driving. They are pretty strict on drinking and driving. You can’t have open bottles of alcohol in the car. Which is good, lowers the number of dumb and risky people in Sin City.

Really, there’s no reason to drink and drive. There’s free valets everywhere, drop your car off and leave it there, pick it up on the morning. The monorails connect from hotel to hotel, and you can walk or stumble the rest of the way. Taxis are abundant, or you can always hire a limo if you fancy the full Vegas experience.

I love micro brews. This place has good beer. It is like the watering hole or “men”-sitters, while the women shop. Abandoned the BF there, while I picked up things I needed. He had a great time, I had a fantastic time. When I got back, he was enjoying his 2nd beer and I got one for myself.

The best part about breweries like this, with the open tap, they will mix 2 beers together, and it made everything just a little bit better. Here’s their menu. My favourite is the Amber/Weisse mix. They are good individually, but together, they are better. Buy a keg to take along if it makes you happy.


The BF went for IPA/Stout mix. Guy who worked there wasn’t sure if the beer would mix. Looked like it floated on top of each other. Not sure what that means, but it just looked so pretty.


Yes, it only takes one beer to make my head spin. This is one strange beer! I went through a lot more beer and whiskey to get the same effect, but this one sure hit hard. And it’s only 5%. They were 5% each. I wonder why. Still wondering why and what happened. No harm done. Apparently I’m more coherent and enunciate more when drunk. I’m guessing I bunch up my words a lot while speaking at the speed of a bullet train when sober, so, by being drunk, I speak a lot slower? Either that, or everyone else around me is more drunk than I am, so no one noticed that I’m no longer sober. Oh well.

Chez mix! Oh my. Such a great mix! I want more of this. I’m tired of all the healthy trail mix, or rice crackers we have here in Australia! Where’s the processed fake cheese on crackers that we can munch on when we drink?


I had a blast. If you want a place to slow down, enjoy, this is the place to drink a couple of fantastic brews. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you, or the bartender. The entire shop is just a bar, a window, and merchandises.

So enjoy the experience! And enjoy the mall too.