Hash House A Go Go – Las Vegas

First place we hit up in Vegas. We arrived at 6am in the morning, and Hash House A Go Go is a 24hr restaurant.


We headed up to The Quad. Took a few tries to find parking. So many renovation and building happening this trip, and it was quite difficult to find our way around. This sign helped.


Hash House A Go Go is focused on farm to table fresh ingredients. And crazy large food portions.


Hash is top in their menu of course. It’s more like crispy potato pieces. My idea of hash is more like a rosti.


Cream Italian soda is up 1st. It is a strawberry Italian soda with actual cream! It’s just interesting!


My order of earl grey tea is up next. I’ve never seen a tea bag served quite like this before. It is still tea of course.


Here comes our food! I find the portions massive. Like all American food, massive massive massive. And for some reason, every dish came with a whole sprig of rosemary.

So 1st up, we have one of the Benedicts. House smoked salmon. It’s huge!


Next we have the meatloaf hash. Big chunks of meatloaf that is apparently pretty yummy. I didn’t get to try it unfortunately.


Last up was ours. I had to share this cause it’s so massive. Corned beef hash. It is made with actual real pieces of beef. Strips of corned beef, and a nice melted stringy cheese on top, good buttermilk biscuits and properly fried eggs. I enjoyed it very much. Potatoes were good too!


No idea why every portion came with a side of watermelon. Probably just a balanced breakfast.

The food is good!