Road side taco stand – Las Vegas

I’m not sure what it’s called, but it is a stand on the side of the road.


To me, it’s an experience like no other! Maybe there are lots of road side taco stands, but not in Australia. So, I’ve never seen one. I guess we have food trucks, but this is just quite different.

So we pull up to this stand, and looked at the menu.


While waiting we looked around. The area looks clean and tidy actually.


Look at them cook up the meat! Smells amazing.


Taco’s ready!


Now for the condiments and sauces.


You can put as much as you like or none! Up to you. Onions, a wedge of lime, cheese… Up to you!


Now for the sauces. I would love to try all, but hot sauce doesn’t go well with me in a public setting. I like spicy food, but I can’t guarantee I won’t scream in pain. So, just a tiny drizzle. One of the green ones simply burnt.


It’s quite the experience! Such an eye opener. Or maybe I’m just ignorant. But it was fun. MORE CHEESE! And a friend ordered one of their drinks, it’s like a cinnamon milk. It’s called a horchata. Helps with the heat. Nice sweetness.