Swish Shabu Shabu – Las Vegas Downtown

After a few cold days, and having all the burgers and rich food, we headed downtown after a visit to the Red Rock Canyon, and Trader Joes.



Now, I love hot pot. Soup and tossing meat and vegetables into it. It’s so perfect. You get soup, carbs, meat, dipping sauce. And a whole lot of other snack stuff like fish balls and lotus roots.

But for shabu shabu, it is a more standard fare, not as many choices as the traditional Chinese hot pot. Sliced meats, vegetable and rice/udon.



So we ordered the spicy miso soup. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected.



Comes with vegetables, mushroom, a bit of udon, a bowl of rice and 2 serves for Yuzu and sesame dipping sauce.



We ordered a side of beef. Thinly sliced and perfect.



We ordered an extra side of mushrooms.



The set (soup and vegetables) comes with a bowl of rice, sesame dipping sauce, and yuzu soy sauce. For those of you who know me, I love my sesame sauce. It’s decent! Nothing bad about it.



The soup isn’t as tasty to begin with. But!! Don’t fear! Once you are done with all the swishing, the soup is amazing, yummy, flavourful and sweet. I like putting a bit of sesame sauce in the bottom of my bowl, then ladling soup over it. Gives it the extra flavour.



I just really enjoyed being outside of Vegas after being up and down The Strip. It’s quiet, homely, comfortable. Really enjoyed myself.

If anyone is after some hot soup, Asian food, don’t forget that there’s a Chinatown in Vegas.

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