The Pub, Monte Carlo – Las Vegas

The day we check out, after we checked out, we decided to pick up a quick snack at The Pub. It has 300 craft beers available, and the bf has been wanting to try it, so here we are.



I wouldn’t say it is the best time to visit, as we are just leaving, there isn’t much time to eat and drink, and we weren’t really hungry. But it was still enjoyable to look around and sit around.




We ordered the sampler. Onion rings, chicken wings, and a really good creamy artichoke dip. It was a really good dip. Onion rings were a little thicker than I liked. Wings were flavourful, a little too spicy on a tired day.



Sat down for a bit of trivia.



Nice decor.




We are definitely up for trying more of these beers the next time we are back. For now, the creamy artichoke dip will do. I’m surprised! Didn’t think I would have liked it but I did.

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